Music that makes you go, “hey i’ve heard that before”

I think it’s great when you hear samples of old songs in new and modern day music.  It’s not just a really a tribute to classic music but a sick way of getting people to automatically connect with your song as well as offer a different perspective on what the song could be.  There’s many jams these days that have used cuts, chorus’, licks, verses, etc. but i think the most notorious for doing so would be hip hop.  Hip hop from what i understand started with cuts and breaks.  Using the turntables to catch the break on beat and then loop it making a continuous sound of only what the people wanted to hear. and from these breaks you got the “breakers” those who would dance to the music and express themselves while the DJ worked his/her magic on the tables.  After that i’m sure Rapping followed like Jamaican Toasting where the MC and the DJ went hand in hand making music that was either off the head or written to the music that was sampled and dubbed over.  It’s an art form in itself, like collaging cuts and pieces to make a beautiful work of art.  Here’s a couple of songs that have cuts and samples i’m sure you’ve heard before.

Notorious BIG- Big Poppa

and the sample is from Isley Brother’s between the sheets

Mariah Carey- Fantasy

and the sample is from The Tom Tom Club’s Genius of love

Trick Daddy- sugar

and the sample came from the tom tom club’s other band The Talking Head’s Sugar on my tongue…. not the video just someone dancing to it though

LL Cool J’s Around the Way Girl

and the sample is from the Mary Jane Girls, All night long


One Response to “Music that makes you go, “hey i’ve heard that before””

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I heard “beautiful girls” Sean Kingston it reminded me of the oldie and I just thought that was the coolest thing that he brought that beat back into his modern day song.

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