Into the Wild

How many of you have seen this movie?
I was familiar with the story, before the book came about, as a documentary was released chronicling the life death of Christopher McCandless.
If you’re unfamiliar, Christopher McCandless was a fairly rich young American, who up and decided he would do everything he could to “live in the wild”. What he ended up doing was getting stranded in an abandoned bus in the wilderness, and ended up starving to death. I bring this up because he didn’t even have a map! While traveling to the area, people offered him food and supplies, but he denied it. Also, the area where they found his body was less than a few hours walk away from an emergency storage shed filled with, you guessed it, FOOD!
Not to be an ass to Sean Penn, the director of the film (we all know he’s good at doing that himself), but I hardly believe he thought twice about making a film about a person so spoiled and arrogant. In my own opinion, living in Hawaii I’ve been taught to respect the land, but Christopher McCandless didn’t do that. He went in to the wilderness as arrogant as anyone, and I agree with some people when they say that he went there to commit suicide. Why else would you not bring a compass???
Here’s a news article of the effect this movie was having before it was released in to theaters. Many young folks saw the film and decided to do the same thing and visit the bus where he died.

Do you think Hollywood romanticizes the lives of people, just for profit?
In this case, I think they do.


3 Responses to “Into the Wild”

  1. “Do you think Hollywood romanticizes the lives of people, just for profit?”

    The whole goal of Hollywood is to remove us from our boring, daily lives. One of the ways that they do it this is by giving us larger then life stories. Titanic – a movie about a bunch of people slowly dying in freezing water, and yet it is one of the most successful movies of all time.
    In this case we have some really rich guy (someone who we all want to be) go through a struggle with himself. I’d like to be in his shoes.

  2. “I’d like to be in his shoes.”

    He struggled with himself, but which one of us hasn’t struggled with ourselves? By you saying you want to be like him saddens me. He essentially gave the finger to all his loved ones, to people who tried to help him, and went and committed suicide in the wilderness. Why would anyone want to do that?!

  3. soweird666 Says:

    to: toddml

    You’re forgetting that for Titanic, a whole bunch of people that were slowly dying in freezing water wasn’t what made the movie successful. I think that half of the success was that it was about the Titanic and how it was the most famous peacetime related tragedy in the world. The other half was due to the love story between Jack and Rose, which like you said was to help remove us from our everyday lives.

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