innocences gone?


Right here world, right here.

Right here world, right here.

Are children worse off then before?  I’m not exactly sure but when i go skating at the park or cruising the mall it seems like kids all over the place are running wild and growing up too fast.  It strikes me as a surprise to see a good behaved child these days just smiling contently at the day and taking everything in as if for the first time.  With the internet and TV being what it is today it’s hard to not see why kids are growing up faster… are they really growing up though or just being bombarded with the stress and evils of the world that we associate with getting older?  Maturity comes with time and experience so i know that these kids aren’t more mature just mimicing what they’ve seen their superiors do.  Half the time they don’t know what “oofing” is or even how to “oof.”  nor do they realize that it’s “oofing” or “sex” is more than just an act to be snickered at and joked about on the playground when they find out one of their friends likes a girl, to which they replay “what you gonna oof her?”  There’s days when i see kids no older than six swearing at the skate park cuz they think it’s funny and i want to turn around and just cuss them out and make ’em cry so they know how hurtful those words can actually be.  Just like spanking a kid who tries to bully other kids.  My mom has just recently quit teaching elementary school for personal reasons along with the stress of being a teacher these days, but i when she would come home i’d hear the horror stories of middle school.  common should there really be more horror stories in middle school other than Johnny got punched in the nose by a bully?  She wold walk in mortified saying things like, “kid just stabbed another boy in the arm with a knife he brought from home.” or “two kids were suspended from sixth grade class today for giving each other oral sex in the bathroom.”  What the fuck?!  How can we save kids today?  i make it a point to teach my six year old brother what’s right and what’s wrong.  I let him know that EVERYTHING you see on TV isn’t necessarily true and that you should make good judgements all the time.  Not that i would teach him to be nice to a kid who’s picking on him, in fact i taught him how where to punch a kid if he ever was threatening you to make him drop like a rag doll, but i also let him know that he should never just do it for the sake of doing it.  And you know what… he actually listens to me.  Kids need discaplin and instruction so that they can get it through their heads what you should be doing as a kid.  Things like riding bikes, jumping in the water, running around in a field, playing tag.  Not selling drugs and hanging with the older kids at the park smoking weed and taking money from other little kids.  I think in all we as role models are to blame.  if we come home and complain to the kids about how miserable things are, what do you think their perception of the world is going to be?


3 Responses to “innocences gone?”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    i told my kid thats the adult sign for being number # 1 show to your mommy the next time you see her.

  2. damn that kid has it all going on. with the earring and everything.

  3. My teacher once told me how he visited a school in Japan and he saw a staff picture of all the teachers and the principal all sticking a middle finger! My teacher asked what are you guys doing? And the principal said that they were saying #1! And commented how Americans seemed to use that finger alot of times.
    Very interesting indeed.
    As for the kid, oh man…

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