Film Vs. Digital

  What it seems to really come down to is money. Film is expensive, very expensive and so is the equipment used to record, develop and edit it. Nt to mention how easy the digital revolution has made it for amateur filmmakers to produce something that doesn’t look have bad. I think because its such an investment of both time and money when you shoot a movie on film that it forces everyone involved to take that much more care in making sure that everything is done right. Film looks so much better to me but maybe because thats what I was used to growing up. The digital revolution has caused the film industry to lose some of its integrity. Any turkey with a camcorder can make a movie these days. I think it sucks but who am I to say who and who shouldnt be making a movie. I personally feel that digital is sterile and cheap in comparison to movies shot with film. We are are moving away from art  and are settling for practicality and convenience.


5 Responses to “Film Vs. Digital”

  1. I also believe that film is so much better than digital. When we talking in class about how film could eventually be obsolete it makes me sad because film is at such high quality then digital to take that away would be horrible. The artsy films are also the best to watch because they are made with emotion and meaning where as mainstream movies don’t have that same meaning. Is it really true that we will eventually lose our films in the theaters?

  2. Hmm I’m not sure if I like either or.
    I feel very thankful towards digital because it gets me connected and enables me to watch videos which otherwise I would never see in my life.
    I guess its a give and take, as lekaina have stated. There’s good things and bad things on both sides.

  3. Ya there is that give and take. Digital does help spread movies that we would never be able to see otherwise because they aren’t popular enough to see in theaters but there is such a difference between film and digital and I just wish that they could make film digitaly haha but I don’t think that is that possible but you never know. I have to say though I recently just saw blue-ray and I could not believe the clarity. We have gone so far it’s amazing.

  4. meitanteibilly Says:

    meh, I’m used to both and don’t really care as much. To me the medium it is delivered from does not matter so much as the content of the media.

  5. I think because I use youtube a lot now I have been comstomed to seeing video that is not the best quality but then once you go to that movie theaters it just reminds you what real quality is and then you wish that is what all your dvds are like. The only thing is that blue-ray dvds which look like such good quality is so exspensive, as well as the player for it and it sometimes makes you think if it actually worth it.

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