fast food!!

america is the most obese nation in the world!  fast food is getting so much easier to get.  people really dont have time anymore to make a real home cooked meal.  that means that families dont really get to eat together anymore.  the idea of nuclear family is fading fast.  is this a good thing or a bad thing?


4 Responses to “fast food!!”

  1. I think fast food can be a good thing and a bad thing but all in moderation. I use to eat McDonalds all the time until I got food poisoning and since then I have never had it again. But I do think it all comes down to moderation, that is the true thing.

  2. sausage fierce Says:

    are you fat?

  3. Wow sexy

  4. okay so someone posted a comment and must have deleted it or something but they asked if I was fat. That was is a weird question but no I weigh 108 and I’m 5’5 just for your information.

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