Everywhere you look

Over-saturation. If there’s one thing that we will most likely never get tired of its sex. No matter how much of it we see or how much of it we have we’re still gonna wake up each morning one ultimate task to complete. We have no choice its in our dna, a constant search to find the most eligible mate. Maybe with overpopulation and less cultural necessity to reproduce we will slowly evolve away from being so addicted to sex. It wont happen in my life time, whether you wanna here it or not people these days are having sex for the wrong reasons, sure its supposed to be pleasurable but thats not the reason we’re equpped that way. Birth control and condoms are throwing us all outta whack. There is no longer any repercussion for have cheap meaningless sex with birth control you avoid the possibility of impregnating and with condoms you eliminate the possibility for disease. Everyone can have sex, even old timers, viagras got them covered. sex is everywhere. It used to mean more, well just another thing we’ve lost. Red Bull knows how much we like sex.


One Response to “Everywhere you look”

  1. it is everywhere you look thats why we are so jacked up

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