Dear God how far will women go?

Women’s favorite threat to a man is threatening his penis… It has NEVER been funny and will NEVER be funny… except to them. You never see guys saying they’re gonna uppercut your cooch or destroy the baby maker. WTF? Where’s the mutual respect and understanding?

here’s a full length feature of a dick threat…

and another mini feature


2 Responses to “Dear God how far will women go?”

  1. Excuse me men always say that they are going to hurt the baby maker. I don’t know what you say but women don’t treat men worse then men treat women. Men think they are so special and are better than women.

  2. I saw Teeth a few months ago.
    I seriously doubt a woman had any part in the production of that film. Being a woman, I was the one offended by it. To actually think that a female would have teeth in her vagina like a stingray is ….. !!!!

    Actually my favorite line in a comedy, EVER, has to be Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy line to Christina Applegate’s character in which he says, “Pow, right in the ovaries.”

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