Are we getting tricked into buying shit?


artists canned shit

artist's canned shit



What is art?  What makes a piece a work of art?  What makes art so expensive?  Why is it expensive because it’s by this artist?  Art has made us ask many questions over the years and one that’s interested me is “why is this piece so expensive? it looks like shit.”  And the answer is, because its a piece done by a particular artist with clout.  Because of the name of the creator the piece is worth more.  Basquiat was known to pay for cigarettes in doodles, Andy Warhol painted “brillo” boxes and sold them, and the funniest one to me is an artist by the name of Piero Manzoni who canned his own crap (30 grams of fecal matter in each can) and sold it for its weight in gold, entitling it “artist’s shit.”  Piero was known for challenging this idea by signing random things and attempting to sell it because his signature was on it.  He put an egg in a box with his thumbprint on it and it sold.  I see exhibits these days and art is less and less about the aesthetics, or at least art dealing is, rather than owning a piece of this “great mind.”  The ideas and boundaries these artist’s have pushed are amazing to think to me.  i wouldn’t say its the audacity that pops up it’s shock value but rather the fact that people like to deal in other peoples crap.  The same goes for music as well.  The song could be shit but if it’s featured by a well known hyped up artist than it has selling potential i.e. “i wanna make love right now” by Akon.  These songs aren’t even written by the artist’s themselves but instead a ghost writer who knows that the song needs a face to put on it.  I wonder are artist’s con-men?


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