ADD JAPAN AND US (then blend) response to Japanese girlfriend

Read this blog because im responding to it sucka!

Ok first of all I would like to say the person who wrote this blog (starry) was intelligent, and thoughtful when it comes to identifying what culture means. However I think the debate about this shirt:

I want a japanese girlfriend

I want a japanese girlfriend

Is just crazy! After all it’s just a shirt right? Well starry brings up an excelent point: What does this mean? Is it good for Japanese culture? Well we need a little history lesson:

In the Post Occupation era of Japan (Showa period 1989) there began a westernization of the Japanese culture. American music, and arts were embarrassed. Young kid began to rebel against parents (something uncommon in Japanese culture) by wearing leather jackets like kids in the US did in the 1950’s. Building and cities were modeled after the US models. Japan began to build cars and technology using the US ideas and designs. Still to this day People in Japan “worship” American culture, and to that picture that Starry posted of that shirt I respond with this picture:


You can ask the same questions to these people as did you with the guy wearing that shirt:

>>Why wear these wigs?
>>Is this something to be proud of?
>>Who are you intending it to be read by?
>>Are you hoping to ‘be’ an American girl by wearing these wigs?
>>Do you not think it could be offensive to some?

The point is this is simple cultural blending. Hence the product of two cultures coming together and merging as one. Yes there will be growing pains in the process, and yes there are going to be a couple people who go to far with it. But what you are supposed to take from this is that it is a beautiful thing. Embrace this merger. Look at what happens to the media of Japan and America when you blend the creativity of Japan, with the premise of the American show Jackass:

Starry your blog (whether intended to do so or not) sounds like you are scared of this merger:

“As a person with ties to Japan, I do find sometimes the obsession disconcerting” -starry “Japanese Girlfriend”

Think of it this way, Japan has been blending with the US for much longer (since 1989) and they have not had any racially motivated rapes to Americans, no one has gotten offended, or said that Japan was disgusting for “copping” us. In fact many in the US found it quite flattering! It sits just fine with me, that people admire my culture so much so that they want to actively engage in it. YOU JUST GOTTA CHILL!

p.s. you can bring THAT up to David…


14 Responses to “ADD JAPAN AND US (then blend) response to Japanese girlfriend”

  1. starrycloud9 Says:

    Thanks for the considerate posting.

    Do take note. The exchange of culture is not always balanced both in terms of sentiment or frequency.

    Someone asked me once why Japanese people use English words. And why we (here, in America) don’t use Japanese words. Why do Japanese business men wear Western style suits but Western men don’t wear Yakutas? Quite frankly, if Japan had nuked Washington and set up military bases in NYC, I think we’d be speaking a little Japanese right now. And we would def be wearing some japanese style clothing. War and economics have a strong influence in the way culture is exchanged. Look up colonialism. So, culture exchange is not always balanced. So the example of these women wearing wigs is not really a good way to explain the T-shirt.

    re: my posting about the threat of fetish and what it could lead to.

  2. starrycloud9 Says:

    Do you know why they are wearing those wigs? Or did you just find the picture?

    “About 300 Japanese women in identical blonde wigs took part in the event on Sunday April 10, before throwing the wigs in the air to debunk the stereotypical western concept of beauty and being urged to develop their own beauty ideal.”

  3. starrycloud9 Says:

    Don’t have the time right now to make sense of it. Hopefully you can do that for yourself.

    re: American military men repeatedly raping Japanese women.

  4. starrycloud9 Says:

    “sounds like you are scared of this merger”
    I am scared when this ‘merging’ as you refer to it as, is done through the festishizing and objectification of women.

  5. alamoluck007 Says:

    haha yes i know i know…. u gotta be a dick and ruin the pic for me thats fine… I knew what it was from but thats not the POINT!!!! you never seen a japanese girl wear blond before?!?!?!!?!

    the point I was trying to make with that pic was simply THERE IS A LOT OF ASIAN GIRLS WEARING BLOND! why do you think they had that rally?!?! it was for that reason that many people of the culture belive it is whats beautiful. Yes war has much to do with it! Japan invaded china before the US nuked Japan! In fact Japan was modelling themselves after Britian in how they were going to colonialize, and that had NOTHING to do with anyone nuking or invading them! Its just unfair to point fingers in a cultural blend saying who is wrong and who is right

  6. alamoluck007 Says:

    there will always be fetishing and objectifing of women! there will always be evil! will you live in fear of change? or will you overcome the evil people that persist, and insist rather in not letting these evil people scare you in to being afraid of merging two beautiful cultures? If you are afraid than evil has prevailed…

  7. starrycloud9 Says:

    I’m a dick for calling attention to your misuse of an image? You really should stop with the name calling and personal attacks. Would you do that in class or only online when you don’t have to face me?

    Did you even understand why I brought up war? Yes. Japan invaded China. And? And there are different balances of culture exchange within that paradigm as well. Is this something you’d like to talk more about? I don’t know why you brought that up. I suspect you think I am champion Japan in some way. I don’t need to ‘point fingers’ as you put it. Colonialism is kind of a big deal. Read Said’s Orientalism.

  8. starrycloud9 Says:

    “If you are afraid than evil has prevailed”
    You’re AMAZING! Do you write one liners for Hallmark? I am afraid. I am afraid that people like you don’t get and think there isn’t a concern/problem with things in this world. I am the one positing change. You are the one claiming, “there will always be fetishing and objectifing of women! there will always be evil!” Let’s not accept that. Let’s do something about by not accepting that things are okay. I mean that’s the whole point of the blog. Things are not okay, let’s talk about it. That shirt is not okay. I posted about it and tried to make you understand. And you still don’t.

  9. alamoluck007 Says:

    no i ment “dick” in a srcastic you caught me way” man. If we were in class you would have visually seen me laughing as i said “you dick!” because you caught me in something Bill Orielly would have been caught in. I do think you Champion Japan tho, only because you insist that they are the ones being targeted and having there culture raped. I did read that article you showed from YALE and it was intrestting and sad. However rape is a widespread dieses that is not culturally fired, but is done by people who are psychologichally broken. Think about it, all im saying the good outway by far the bad in this merge. In no trade will you ever see everything as positive, but we gotta take the good with the bad, and the good definettly outway the bad here

  10. alamoluck007 Says:

    Ill have you know hallmark cards have great one linners! I personally write all my final papers with quotes from hallmark! My bibligrophy features nothing but HALLMARK lol. Neway i think there is a little naive in you to say there will be a point in human life were there is no evil. There will FOREVER be disaggrements, and debates! Debate is the best way to increase intelegence, and THAT is the point of this blog (to bad this blog doesnt help with spelling cause i need help with that…)

  11. alamoluck007 Says:

    thnx for calling me amazing btw, i think your pretty cool too…

  12. I think it is good that these kind of shirts are made because it creates advertisement and creates even greater curiosity about the Japanese Culture to the foreigners.

  13. I hope you guys get married some day.

  14. meitanteibilly Says:

    *raises hand*
    I think that there will always be evil and the objectifying of women in the world. But I also think that we can’t give up the fight. Once we give up the fight we stop making progress. I mean, the fight to end discrimination may never end, but if we just consigned ourselves to that fate there would still be slavery and blatantly anti-race laws. Just saying that there will always be evil does not mean that the movement has no meaning.
    @penlead: LOL

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