You tube: a new source of inspiration!

This is for the youtube being used as and turned into a medium for porn posts and the nohomo dumb clips we’ve all had to be exposed to, basically all the constant crap circulating on youtube and on the internet as a media which allows anyone to expose whatever they would like. Well, there are cases where people expose something positive that a lot of us wouldn’t get the chance to see or effort to search for otherwise. While some youtube videos are making me realize why child psychiatry is such a succesful and in demand profession, this one sort of makes you wonder if all those parents are just wasting a lot of money when there is probably better inspiration to be found in real examples that can be accessed across the globe. I was glad to see that this video had almost 2 and a half million views- good, youtube is serving as a form of communication and positive exposure for some true talent and purpose. These two people, living without limbs, still had the initiative, passion, and perseverence to find one another and create movements that allow them not only to still dance and dance well but dance in ways that noone with limbs could. There must be some really poor kids or challenged or maybe just without much hope and worried about a slew of obstacles who can see this little video and realize that in comparison to these people, they really have no excuse. We’re lucky for all that we have and also these people deserve to be viewed because they have done something pretty phenominal, creative, and bold.


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