Where’s The Diversity

I came across this image and I thought it was quite interesting. Noticed how it says celebrate diversity…and when you look at the images…you get the idea? I don’t know about you…but I don’t see the diversity.
If that is diversity, then what is this…


4 Responses to “Where’s The Diversity”

  1. Yeah, that first picture might me a joke, because there is no way in hell that is diverse haha. They are all a bunch of blonde white women. I really doubt that is meant to be taken seriously, and is probably being sarcastic or something. That second picture though is spot on.

  2. Wow, that is interesting that they called that diversity because I didn’t see any diversity in that first picture at all. However if you read the line underneath the picture you will notice that it says slightly tan, which I found funny. It shows which looks like the same girl with a slight different color skin in some of the pictures. Well lets just hope that this is a joke because if not that is just sad that, that is what people are calling diversity now.

  3. bigdickdaddy Says:

    what a sad joke

  4. Hmm I think on the first picture, they might be diverse as in where they come from? Just because they are all white, doesnt mean they are not diverse, diversity could also mean where they come from, their different lifestyles, ethnicity (maybe some of them are from Germany, Canada, Europe, France, etc).
    Would that still be considered diverse? I think so. But alot of people here doesnt seem to think so…

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