The few, the proud, the ones WITHOUT plastic surgery (mission accomplished)

As most of us will agree, women are more conscious of their looks than men are and naturally have more incentive to change it. Many women use makeup daily, but the ones with the guts and (mostly) money take to the knife to get one (or multiple) parts of their body reconstructed by a process most of us call plastic surgery. Since the dawn of plastic surgery, its most noteworthy proprietor has been the actors and actresses of hollywood. It is not uncommon for these hollywood types to undergo a 6+ month hiatus from their career to undergo plastic surgery and its respective treatment. 

But, not all celebs go under the knife and assume the million dollar bill from Dr. 90210. Here we take a look at some noteworthy females of the entertainment industry that reportedly have not (at least yet) had their body touched by the means of plastic surgery.

Scarlett Johnasson

Scarlett Johansson frequently makes the lists of “Top 10 beautiful women” and is therefore naturally the target of speculation of whether she went under the knife. Common targets of speculators are her breasts and nose. Most experts are quick to turn on the plastic surgery indicator whenever a hot celeb hits the scene, but some experts disagree with this point saying that structure of her body parts in question are atypical of those that have undergone plastic surgery. She did, however, state that she is open to the possibility of plastic surgery in the future. My verdict is that she is all-naturale, as indicated by this article.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is another top beauty (at least thats what americans think). She has vowed to never have plastic surgery, and that can be backed up by this picture.

I'm sure they're not as small as they look.

Sheryl Crow

Rockstar Sheryl Crow has had a long battle with breast cancer, and while she has had operations on her breats to remove the tumor, she has not had any plastic surgery work done one them. This is very evident in most pictures of her.

Can you find the pair of breasts in this picture? Neither could I.

Can you find the pair of breasts in this picture? Neither could I.

Even though this dirty blonde is pushing 47, her face radiates that of a thirty-year-old (except the crows feet). Despite all of this, she has claimed to have never gone under the knife, and has even gone as far as saying: ” I’m not a person that works out shamefully. I have good genes. My parents are thin, athletic-looking people.”

Jodie Foster

Everyone’s favorite space-time traveler cleared up all rumors of going under the knife in this interview. Experts even agree that her body shows all the normal aging signs and that no synthetic processes have been implicated.

This 46-year old sports her crows feet like a champion.

This 46-year old sports her crow's feet like a champion.

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