Sponsorship for artists

It’s awesome to see that companies have recognized the urban street artist and how influential this genre can be to the masses.  I’m not talking about companies like TRIBAL, or ECKO that have been producing “street wear” straight out the gate but more so that have established themselves in households across the world like ADIDAS, NIKE, SCION, etc.  Now companies such as RVCA are putting out limited edition clothing that  is to be sold as “art.”  Skateboard companies have “limited edition artist designed decks”  for sale that are intended to be hung on the wall like a poster rather than ridden and destroyed.  Artists need to eat so I’m glad to see people put work in front of them.  It’s truly remeiniscent of Andy Warhol who thought that graphics where as much a part of the art world as a Dali, or Monet.  Maybe these conglomorations are looking into new demographics to hook on to in the urban world and realized that art with a statement is the best way to get people interested in the product.  

Here’s a mural that was commissioned by ADIDAS with Sam Flores and Saner.  And below is another ADIDAS sponsored art event where artists from each coast paint one giant sneaker and they’re brought together to see the difference in costal style.  

Here’s is david Choe below and his Scion that he was commissioned to paint for an exhibition and then later got to keep.  


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