re:Mission: Cultural Learnings

EASY MISSION: Find 3 photos from a runway show that shows a style of dress presenting/sampled from another culture. If you can’t find runway show photos, post images of celebrities wearing ethnic garb. Comment about what you think.

Would you wear another cultures clothing?

I think sharing your appreciation for what other cultures have to offer is not only a great thing for fashion, but also a very positive thing. I would definitely incorporate  clothing from other cultures if I found them to be appropriate. I think its also great that clothing could potentially spark positive interest in a culture—-creating greater global awareness not only to fashion, but to more important issues that are occurring in other countries.

Do you think this brings a more sense of unity between different nations by showing celebrities and fashion designers taking from other cultural clothing attire?

I think that generally, celebrities are very influential—especially with the youth generation. If younger people see celebrities embracing different cultures —-it will influence them to take a more accepting approach towards new and different situations, peoples, etc.-

Rosario Dawson wearing Kimono inspired topKimono inspired runway topKimono inspired couture


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