RE: The Shoe Thrower

There has been a lot of amazement over the shoe attack against our president of the United States of America.  Primarily it has been a comedic one.  I think there has been a lack of sentiment for the health of George Bush after this attack because, well people felt like he deserved it.  But despite the lack of concern for our president’s safety.  Many artist have come out to show reverence to this even in another way:


Before I get into the cool clips and what not, this says a lot about how the people think of George Bush.  No sympathy, just jokes.  I think we all still have that bitter taste in our mouths that we can’t get rid of when we hear his name.  The amazing thing about this is that this even only happened over the weekend.  People who have seen this generally perceive this event more comedic than serious.

Here is a link to the a flash video game based on the event:

And here are some GIF’s made by anonymous comedians:


One Response to “RE: The Shoe Thrower”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    i love the pokemon version, lol.
    i didnt really find the original one funny, i saw it more like a reality show (i’ve been consumed by reality tv)

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