RE: Late Night Lack of Creavity

Late night shows don’t only top on network television.  Shows such as the Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno are running the same script they have been doing all along.  They poke fun at pop culture and do daily countdowns to entice viewers into watching their show.  These broadcast shows are more explicit than things you see around 8:00 PM but if you care to venture off the typical network stations and head over to other cable channels, you’ll find shows that we DEFINITELY made to be shown at late night.

In ways, they are more creative in that they supply more controversial material and of course profanity.  Which networks you may ask?  Comedy Central and Cartoon Network jump to a whole new level of controversy when the clock hits 11:00 PM.  Comedy Central breaks barriers when they allow for uncensored shows such as ROAST!, a show dedicated in humiliating the career of a celebrity.  The jokes in these shows are heavily racial and explicit.  Cartoon Network indulges in similar shows that mock handicaps and also feature shows that are culturally driven like the Boondocks.

I do think that late shows on the major networks are getting very repetitive.  Don’t these shows just come right after the news?  Aren’t most news shows covering the same matters as well.  The media industry can recycle their stories over and over.  If you’re a viewer looking for something different, check out the alternatives.


One Response to “RE: Late Night Lack of Creavity”

  1. The Oblongs is a POS. With all the struggling artists and writers out there, even with removing the handcuffs of censorhip, this is the best they can do?

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