re: cover songs

Although these arent my favorite songs, i really like the cover versions of some of these songs.

The first two videos are cover songs of Soulja Boy’s Crank dat. The acoustic version is just funny to listen to (and watch) and the screamo version is awesome (for me at least). These covers came out in the same year as the original just like the other 100 covers of this song.

The next three are cover versions of The Tide is High by The Paragons. I haven’t even heard the original until just a few days ago. The original came out in 1967. Blondie’s cover came out in 1980. Atomic Kitten made a cover in 2002 and Kardinal Offishall made his own version in 2008. I believe the first version i heard was either Blondie’s or Atomic Kitten’s. When I heard of Kardinal Offishall’s version, I knew it was a cover but I never knew that the version that I thought was the original was actually a cover as well.

This is the Original version of The Tide Is High. Im pretty sure you all have heard Crank Dat and the next few songs so i wont post the original but if you havent, i will personally search all of youtube for you until i find it.

This next song I like both the original and the cover equally. Both were recorded in 2008. Lil Wayne’s Got Money. The song was soon covered by Jonathan Davis of Korn.

The last song cover is by Fall Out Boy. In 2007, FOB started playing live versions of Beat It by Michael Jackson and recorded a studio version in 2008. the original was made in 1983. Both are good, but i think i prefer the original more.


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  1. taking out the Vanhalen solo on Beat it is very bad

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