Plastic Surgery around the globe

An article on the very popular Chinese leg lengthening surgery, requiring the breaking of both legs, aparently in an attempt to acheive the ideal of the Western beauty, adding height to their petite natural bodies.,8599,187654,00.html

Beverly Hills in the Phillipines? Sounds contradictory, well take a look at this.. due to “medical tourism”, top of the line US cosmetic surgeons are opening surgery centers around the world- targeting the people of various countries in the western world as well. The Phillipines does seem very random though, but clearly there is enough demand there or are able to create it…

Over 50 countries have identified Medical Tourism as a national industry. It pretty much means traveling over borders to get health care since things are so expensive here in the U.S. Latin America is a top plastic surgery mecca for a lot of Americans, especially those in the south or with latin american relatives. There are several agencies, linking people over the internet to doctors and centers in Costa Rica, arranging packages that include the surgery, travel, and medication. This way people can get away from their homes as well and have less people knowing what they are doing. Here’s an article on the plastic surgery travels to latin America;

check out this site, this is crazy! A plastic surgery center in Bolivia, they are really really succesful and this is becoming the modern vacation. Is it bad that the entire concept of “medical travel” is exploited on people from wealthy countries going to poorer countries to try to look better when people in poorer countries are dealing with sickness, medical issues, and disease. Are there more and more surgeons because that’s what type of doctor is in demand and do you think it doesn’t bother someone studying medicine to know how they’ll be using it in the world? I think this is really crazy and sad. I’m not sure if it is all the western and U.S. ideas about image and plastic surgery that are transfering but all the hype about stars and plastic surgery probably has something to do with it becoming so popular around the world. If everyone can so easily change their entire look and become basically enhanced with plastic.. are we even real anymore and is there any truth to a human being and their genetics or persona? If you were thinking this cosmetic surgery thing was a phase in just the U.S., you were thinking wrong and it’s somewhat of an epedemic in itself.


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