Obama…Part Of The Navity Scene?

Italians have graduated from the traditional Nativity scene to one with more contemporary figures like Barack Obama and French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. What’s your take on this one? Is it sacrilegious or just being creative? Is this going too far?


3 Responses to “Obama…Part Of The Navity Scene?”

  1. Since when does Obama, or sarkozy have anything to do with the nativity? I mean, yes they are dolls but the only way it would be even slightly sacrilegious would be like, putting one of them in Jesus’s cradle or something haha. I don’t think its a big deal. It is clearly a joke and people shouldn’t take it too seriously.

  2. I agree with joocebawks, this is obviously a joke because Obama has nothing to do with the nativity scene at all. If people start taking this to a new level that is there fault because this was simply meant as a joke and was not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings are even really push the envelope in anyway. It is not like they just made a doll that was the color black and made him Jesus and didn’t say anything about it after that. This is completely different when you actually put a familiar name to giving that doll a face and understanding of what that person probably really meant by it when it made it.

  3. Of all people, they interviewed a NUN. WOW…
    anyway, I dont really see selling Obama as a nativity, I simply see it as a figure/art piece/action-figure. Where did the whole nativity come from?
    I think its so interesting how people consistently compare obama to the anti christ, and now, nativity.

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