Learn from this:

Now I know some people are going to think this is mean but the family actually created a site for our viewing pleasure. It is good to see that people can still make the best out of a bad situation.

With the F-WORD we should really watch our mouths, and the things we say because many people think they can tell a lot about a person by the thing they say.

Its always good to replace the f -word, with something else like fuckcrying out loud, or fuka me fuka you, or my Favorite: BOB SAGET

Now do you think that this could be considered Creative or just exploitation of a person who is handicapped


11 Responses to “Learn from this:”

  1. That is definitely the latter. Thats just really cruel and I didn’t laugh at all. Making fun of someone who can’t control the way they act is just mean. I know for sure I wouldn’t want someone making fun of me If I had a disability.

  2. But this guy seems like he goes along with it and doesn’t have a problem seeing is they make seasons of it, and there are a bunch of other videos.

  3. yeah, I guess if he is fine with it. Still doesn’t make it right in my eyes.

  4. I have a hard time thinking that this is real. Based on what I know of touretts (not much), most people diagnosed with it don’t randomly swear like the stereotype we are used to.

    Did anyone else notice that he drank alot? I bet hes really just a drunk.

    Is it okay to laugh at a drunk?

  5. Yeah i also question that as well but, if it is fake though they are really committed to making the audience laugh at any cost

  6. what the hell this is not funny at all, you should never laugh at people disorders! They have no control over their clicks, it maybe funny to some but that is just wrong!

  7. I guess it is wrong to laugh at his disorder but I’m laughing at what he’s saying… its so funny.
    As for the poster said about replacing the f-word, I totally agree with using nicer words.
    I replaced the f-word with fart, tartarsauce, and crap, doo doo.
    Hoping to lessen my sins to the lord. lol
    very nice find

  8. I tried to look at the website that was listed in the video and it doesn’t work. I can only imagine that people wern’t just laughing at him they we’re making money off of people laughing at him at one time.

    I hope it was shut down

  9. Yeah this is not funny. Its pretty messed up.

  10. I have to say that if you knew he didn’t a disorder you would find this really funny but because he has a disorder it is a little sad and you feel a little bad for laughing at him. But they didn’t put this on the internet and the only reason would be for people to laugh because there was no way that this was supposed to be educational in the least.

  11. slamdunkthis Says:

    Some of the things he says is really really funny. I agree with the person above, if you thought he was faking it then you’d probably think it was funny. I’m pretty sure the guy is dead though, so that’s a little bit depressing.

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