Itunes Top 10

Has anyone looked at the itunes top ten? Currently brittany spears is in the lead with Circus. I remember too that awhile back Womanizer was also on the charts somewhere. I can’t imagine why this would be. Is it really just because she exposes herself on her music videos? What do you all think makes a song eligible for a top 10 position? Take a look on the top ten as you are reading this and tell me which you think should and shouldn’t be there and why. If you want my opinion, I think a majority of them are garbage: soldier boy, brittany spear, flo rider, and the list goes on and on. Don’t hate me lol, remember these are only my opinions.


5 Responses to “Itunes Top 10”

  1. Well to be honest, her new songs actually have a good beat and system to it. I’m sure Itunes doesn’t post the ‘top 10 songs’ just because of the fact that the music video was good. People actually like the song, and listening to it.
    But I do agree that the list doesn’t make any sense why someone would like one song over the other.

  2. i agree.. the music that is coming out now is mostly garbage.. soldier boy is horrible.. i cant stand what comes out of his mouth… i havent heard the new britney spears song “circus” but womanizer i do agree with ataru91 with stating it has a good beat. i dont listen to it personally cuz its not my style but i can agree it has good rhythms… music sucks nowadays.. honestly. i have no problem listening to classics like the beatles, sergio mendes, ac/dc, etc. good songs that last through the ages.. non of this 1-2 year bs.

  3. loveandletlove Says:

    Music is a marketed item, as are the artists who produce them. Most of the artists on that list are getting heavy, heavy rotation on radio stations and are saturating the media outlets with publicity. You probably KNOW someone who sings better than Britney Spears, but without media attention, the public will never know and they will probably never sell a record or have a career in music.

    A single is successful because it’s been packaged well and marketed the right way, the exact same way products, fashion, and movies are. You seem to be arguing that none of those artists are “eligible” to be in the top 10, but I don’t really know if that’s the right choice of words. It’s not a matter of who “deserves” to be in the top 10, which implies something moral. Making a top 10 hit is a matter of success in selling, and obviously these guys have done all the right things in that arena. Whether it’s musically “good” or not is only one factor in a list, and you and I both know that people buy shitty things every day because ads and packaging convinced them to.

  4. I haven’t heard circus, but I think that womanizer song is rather repetitive and lacks any sort of creativity. Yet, it is apparent that a lot of people like her music and are downloading it, thus making her on the top ten. Arguably, it’s good dance music. Maybe some people buy into her because of her body, maybe others because they’ve been following her life. I also think that a lot of younger kids buy into really cheesy popular music like Britney Spears and the Jonas Brothers that often appear on the itunes top ten. I mean, when I was younger I was all about Backstreet Boys and Nsync. When you’re younger, I think it’s easier to be swayed by good looks, neat dance moves, and whatever everyone else is listening to.

  5. herewithnoone Says:

    I just listened to circus and it was okay, i think womanizer is pretty catchy but its something i wouldnt buy but a lot of people must like it if they are downloading it. im pretty lenient when it comes to music, so im okay with whatever.
    When i was younger, the only albums i had were space ghost coast to coast and mega man. 😛 the space ghost album was the awesome.

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