Deep thoughts, anyone?

The blog began as an open question about culture, with general parameters and common discussion as a starting point.  Over the course of the semester, however, and as people started posting and people started looking at what other people were posting, it really developed a nature of its own.

Looking at the blog today, and over the course of the last few months, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed how predictable it’s become.  On a daily basis, there will almost invariably be a post about racism in advertising, a post about women being objectified, a post about something weird and Japanese, a paranoid post about the mind-controlling media, and some “dude, this is sooooo trippy/freaky/gross/unbelievable/hilarious” video.

Which prompts this question: What progress are we making?  If you consider our mission is to understand and reflect on culture, is this blog the depth of that understanding?  Is this feedback loop that we post to every day an indication that “understanding culture” has it’s own culture, too?  Or is culture simply smarter than us, even as we try to expose its operation?

Personally?  I think no one will respond because my post has no enticing picture.


6 Responses to “Deep thoughts, anyone?”

  1. I shall reply, and not having a picture made me notice the post.
    Maybe this is as deep as our media/entertainment culture goes.
    Or maybe it takes to much thought and time to go deeper.
    Our attention spans are shorter, and it is easier to post a weird video and get another check mark on our list of to-do’s before friday midnight.
    It takes a lot of time to generate a really good post about our culture that has some origionality and is not just a repeat of a post that is three below.
    Maybe this blog is a reflection of our culture, only so many topics, rewrap the same thing over and over again.
    That is what music seems like. It is an I love you song sung just a little different.

  2. no enticing pic almost did not respond. Just kidding. I feel that maybe the assignments in class gave us a bit to much leeway. come on we know that most of the people that blog for a class are only going to do so because they have to earn a grade. but of course you always have the latter. I think that it is great how the blog ca,e out. i have repeatedly stated that those exact things that you listed are the characteristics of the blog. I dint know if you would have gotten much more from any other class or blog. we are doomed to keep these issues in the forefront of discussion because those topics are prevalent in Hawaii especially racism an Japanese stuff. you are a product of your environment no matter where you come from.

  3. This is very true the topics discussed on the blogs are the most prevalent and encompass the culture we are exposed to on a daily basis. I am sure if the media used another method to sell a product we would have discussed that more often. I guess the media is not the only ones who have a lack in creativity but we the students who comment on this blog do as well. We maybe busy and look at this as a basic obligation only doing what is necessary to pass. If not that its a lack of energy or motivation but i do notice the continual trend.

  4. I doubt we will ever really boil down our culture to a few posts to a blog. Furthermore, what else is there? Racism, objectifying women, porn, advertising, etc are big issues and people are posting about them. Either that, or they are lazy and just post what works. I don’t think we are stagnant, every post is progress to me. However, the quality of each post can be questioned sometimes haha.

  5. I like the thought that “culture is smarter than us,” like it’s some actual intelligent entity that can one up us humans. It’s a neat sort of image or thought. Yes, it’s true that the blog seems somewhat repetitive, but it’s hard to come up with other topics that pertain to the threads we are supposed to be focusing on. For example, free porn, what is there to write about except the youtube-like exploitation of porn, commercials getting more seductive, and whatever else people came up with. I think some of us are really straying away from what this class is sort of about though, cinema and digital media. We’ve pulled away from movies and video games, and dove into the culture that brings forth and is expressed in these and other venues. I think more topics can arise, as culture seems to have a vast amount of things to investigate or discuss. But what we have so far is a good representation of modern day discussion and culture.

  6. How many of us are here only because its a part of our grade?

    I’m not at all surprised that people make post things that are easy to post about. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates blogging and thinks its a waste of time.

    It it really possible to accomplish anything like this?

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