Crime! Yeah!



Have you ever realized how many crime investigation shows there are on TV right now?  I personally enjoy them all.  It is really interesting how they can take one idea and copy it exactly three to four times and have all of the shows be successful on TV at the same time.  Yes, each show has different characters and different inter-relationships, that is what makes each one unique, but each one has the exact same concept.  In all of the CSI shows, each have one main male leader who has his own quirks or amazingness qualities and acts as the head of their little team family.  And in all the CSI shows, good always wins.  I read that the CSI shows have come under a lot of criticism from real law enforcement because they don’t believe it gives an accurate picture of what really happens.

Law and Order is a little different.  Sometimes bad guys get away in court.  I think they do a really good job of making it seem real.  Hand held camera shots as the characters are walking down windy streets, well orchestrated chase scenes, and they go everywhere in the city.  I can’t believe how many shows and episodes they have put out.  It seems like there is always a Law and Order Marathon on TNT.  I think our infatuation with crime shows comes partly from a desire to see the good guys really whip the bad guys.  P.S.  Aren’t the colors in CSI:Miami amazing!  I think that is why I like the show so much.  J


One Response to “Crime! Yeah!”

  1. Well like everyone can agree to, American tv is redundant. It’s the same with movies, especially since directors ‘borrow’ the story from an older version.
    In the case of the crime movies, for some reason people enjoy watching this and reality shows. It provides huge entertainment, despite everything being closely similar to each other. Action, drama, mystery, the crime shows have all of that, and thats what people enjoy watching.

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