Children and Hip-hopping

As the Internet transforms itself into a colossal piece data information, the possibilities of manipulating this data is also at growth.  If you have ever gone on YouTube and went searching for a specific piece of footage from a music video or television show, you probably find it.  However, you will probably find it with ten other matching videos with the same title.  You might think to yourself, “I could just pick any one of these and it’ll be what I expect.”  So you click on the link that says “Crank That by Soulja Boy” and end up amazed because what you see isn’t what you get.  Instead you get a compilation of cartoon clips that seem to mock the original song.

This type of dubbing has been a pretty old technology.  But I have noticed there has been a trend with hip-hop and children’s cartoons.  Here we have two genre’s that are on entire opposites of the world.  Children shows are educational, cherry, and positive.  On the flip side we have hip-hop, who is synonymous with sex, drugs, and money.  The hybrid of the two is really comedic to me.

Why do you think people associate these two genres together?

— I think that the association they make between the two is suppose to be absurd.  We see many conflicts between morals and values.  It also fuses the rawness of the adult world with the innocence of a child’s world.

Do you believe this entails more children to fall into this misrepresentation of their favorite shows?

–I do think that when they search for words like “Pooh”, videos like these are going to end up first on the list.  This will definitely mislead the children.

What does this say about the creative value of these videos?

–Creativity has to be controversial to be noticed today.  If it doesn’t spark any conflict, no one will notice.


One Response to “Children and Hip-hopping”

  1. First of all, that Lazy Town remix is funny as hell. I think these mash ups are funny because of the contrast. You have a young girl singing about cake only to cut to lil John talking about “putting your ass on a nigger.” I don’t think that this ruins or misleads children. Yes, it is possible for a child to stumble upon this video, but i think they have an equal chance to find even worse things on the internet. I wouldn’t say its creative because many videos have been done like that before. Still though, funny as hell.

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