Big Smoothablitity, Giant Itchibility, Massive Caressibilty. We must be talking about shaving cream right?

They did it again using references to the male genitailia in order to sell their new shaving gell.

Do you want BIG Smoothability, GIANT Itchability, MASSIVE Caressibilty get this product.

Edge Shave Gell

Edge Shave Gell

But Check out the Commercial:

This may also imply for the men out there if it aint BIG, ENORMOUS, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC, go Home. Do you think this can cause women to be viewed in a negative way, (only looking for men with BIG quality?)


4 Responses to “Big Smoothablitity, Giant Itchibility, Massive Caressibilty. We must be talking about shaving cream right?”

  1. Just shows how much commercials desire sexual reference to be in their ads. It’s the only way to attract people, and people fall for it. The guy sitting down on his chair watching this, most of them actually believe it and go out to purchase their cream that appears as a massive and giant view from the opposite sex.

  2. Wow that was terrible. I mean the cheesy tropical music in the background, the actresses showed little emotion. Maybe it’s just because I’m a girl, but I found that really lame and not believable one bit. It does make the women look pretty bad, having to be all dressed up in green bikinis pretending to be turned on by some shaving gel. And it’s true that not all women think that men having giant penises is ideal. I guess some men might buy into this product, but just the cheesiness of it all, I don’t know. Like if I were a guy I’d buy into Axe way more than I’d buy into this.

  3. Clearly, buying this product will increase the size of your penis to colossal proportions. Yes, that commercial is terrible. It took a very common theme used nowadays of sex sells and ruined it. That did not make me want to buy the product at all. I use the shaving cream from Costco because it is cheaper and comes in a 4 pack. Beat that edge!

  4. I think it’s a way to get men to buy their products using their insecurities so that they buy their products. But nowdays since sex runs, basically everything I’m not suprised.

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