Being “One of a Kind”

One thing about the women in my circle of friends is that they get conflicting at the sight of someone  wearing the same thing as them.  If one of them were to see something of theirs on another girl, they become very critical of how they’re wearing it.

I overheard on the television last night, “Who wore it better?”  Let’s analyzed this question a little deeper.  The reason for asking this question is to find out who appeals better overall in your eyes.  Let’s see, in order to answer this question, we then have to judge someone.  It doesn’t have to be scientific but we can factor in our own ideals in values into a decision like that.  Skin color, weight, and other physical features.  Then we would probably have to think about the personality of that person (because we all know we can’t say we just like someone based on their looks right?).  After all of this evaluation, then can we determine, “Who wore it better?”

I think it takes a lot to judge people you don’t know or if you know them, it takes a lot of considerations to see if you agree with their looks.  I’m trying to prove with this post that when we judge other in this manner, how much do we really think about a person before making a choice?  I think we all have bias and other thoughts.  How do we feel about the person for who isn’t the better dressed?

I think being one of a kind has first to do a lot with the judging others.


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