The Cavern – Blog as Movie Project


This film might make you smarter. It is an experiment designed to see if this technique can be used to expand attention span and sharpen consciousness.

Stick through the whole 20 minutes and you’re a superstar.

If you can’t, just know that the basic idea is to use only audio to heighten the imagination and then after a long period, about 13 minutes, the visuals start. If you make it that far, keep going it’s worth it.

The hypothesis is that the more visual media is, the less attention and imagination is asked of the viewer. Less attention equals a weaker connection between the media and the viewer and therefore the mind becomes very dependent on the media to cue every reaction. If the imagination is stimulated before the visual cues begin, the connection is strengthened.

Check it out.


One Response to “The Cavern – Blog as Movie Project”

  1. to tell you the truth. this is one of the best things that someone could have put on the blog. YES, if we stop fluttering our senses with so much crap. then we get the chance to see things for what they are. I don’t think it takes 13 min to get the visuals the second the girl started talking I could see everything that she was speaking about. If you think of it if we cut out the damn music videos we could go back to time where you could set and listen to your favorite musician as they paint a wonderful picture for you with music.

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