Plastic Market & Beyoncé Giselle Knowles

Am I the only one that see’s Beyoncé Giselle Knowles as plastic?  The term sell-out seems to only pose against hip-hop artist and other street influenced genres.  What about the pop artist?  Everyone seems to idolize her for the perfect image she poses for everyone around her.  I’m not buying it.  First of all let’s look at the stages of her career.  When she first came out with Destiny’s Child, her music was about ridiculing men for treating women unfairly.  Songs like, “No, No, No”, “Independent Women Part 1”, and “Bills, Bills, Bills” all of a sudden switches off to supporting men to songs like “Cater 2 U”.
It appears to the general public that not selling out means not making music for the money.
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles has done interviews in which she admits of her alter ego as a performer.  She describes her as being aggressive, fierce, and wild.  As suppose to when we see her doing an interview, she is calm, laid, back, and innocent.
What I’m trying to say is I believe that Beyoncé thinks the music industry is a game and her points is in the money she makes.  She can’t fully represent the songs she sings about.  You know hard love and all that.  She’s married!  What does she know?  I think that she uses the negative situation of others and banks off of that.  If she claims she’s Sasha Fierce when she performs, does she just thing the whole industry is a game?  Plain in simple: She’s being someone she’s not.


2 Responses to “Plastic Market & Beyoncé Giselle Knowles”

  1. Oh my goodness… Seriously??? The best performers are the ones who are able to create an alter ego! They are the ones who can step outside of themselves and create a character that is so extreme and different. In acting, the artists who are the most successful at creating an alter ego usually receive an academy award. This is why Beyonce is so successful.

    I have to say, Beyonce is one of my favorite performers because she is not afraid to “go there.” I am so sick of industry created pop stars who have very little talent and are selling an image more than music. Regardless whether you like her music or not, there are few in the music industry who are as intense as Beyonce. She has dedication to her craft and I enjoy watching her perform. She literally goes crazy on stage!!! That is what I want from a performer; someone who will put everything they have on the stage and give an amazing performance every time. Has anyone ever seen Katy Perry or Carrie Underwood perform? Yuck yuck yuck. They don’t even break a sweat and they are clearly just going through motions that someone else mapped out for them. Thank goodness someone can be over the top and extreme and dominant an industry that is so full of boring performers.

  2. yeah are you kidding? First of all, why are you calling her beyonce Giselle Knowles over and over- are you trying to be more dramatic, I think we all know who beyonce is, and beyonce knowles…in fact you are probably pretending to be someone you’re not by saying how you think she’s fake and blah blah but knowing her middle name?! Of course every hollywood persona is not real, they have crews and crews of trained professionals telling them what to do, say, telling the press rumors, designing their look, story, “vibe”,etc. That’s all pretty much for our entertainment and attention but the public eats it up and that’s what we like. Who knows who she is? That is the entire point- noone is really defined by their behavior in an interview, this is her job and calling her a hip hop star is saying you have no idea what hip hop is- she defines a pop star and the whole world of popular culture. Almost anyone with that much fame, entertainment success, etc. is extremely vicious and whatever- how else would they get there, don’t you remember her being in destinys chlid and every other girl leaving and her being the only one singing and the typical situation when one steals the attention, that’s how they win and it worked for her and her publicists, stylists, agents, and PR people were doing their job!! Anyone in the public eye now adays isn’t a “reality” at the moment but a story or matter of perception- hollywood is run by PR people and committees arguing over the newest trend, the way culture is going, etc. and people seem to love beyonce because she’s been completely sold on this whole- I’m a real girl thing, not too skinny, healthy- down to earth, yes, of course she still has dieticians and trainers and everything that us normal people probably don’t have but her managers knew the demographic they were going for and this angle targeted the broadest group of different demographics- wake up whoever posted this, what are you thinking???!

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