PC fighting back!


These Mac vs. PC commercials have been around for awhile and I have always found them quite hilarious.  Yes, it is true, Mac’s will tend to be more appealing to artsy people, but what I find really interesting is how PC’s are trying to counter these commercials and appeal to artsy people as well by showing artsy people who use PCs.



This last video is just for kicks cuz I find it hilarious that they all sound like they are saying “I’m pissy!”  Especially the young kid dancing around!  🙂



3 Responses to “PC fighting back!”

  1. i think how it was real classy how Microsoft finally answered back to the brutal Mac commercials without lashing out on anyone else. they stated how there are millions of people who are all different who all use the same operating system and it shows how they are all similar and connected. Bravo PC for being the man and taking the higher road.. i thought the commercials are more effective anyway than the lashing out ones by Macs..

    In my opinion… PC > MAC


  2. I think while MAC is trying to appeal to the “hip”, PC is trying to appeal to the “worldy” or “intellectual.

    It’s smart of Windows to not go for the same market as MAC. MAC’s got a strong hold on it’s demographic. I think the “I’m a PC” commercials might be trying give Windows users confidence in their choice to stick with Windows. Maybe they’ll counter and try to win some MAC users in the future, but these PC commercials come off to me as self-defensive not aggressive towards MAC, and not a bad defensive strategy either.

    The MAC commercials are pretty negative, although hilarious. I especially like the one about with the Japanese camera.

  3. I have always liked the Mac vs. PC commercials as well, but I also find the PC commercials cool too. But I agree with lusterrat that I think PC is trying to appeal more to “worldly” people more than artsy people. Like the others have said I think that Mac commercials can be very negative where PC is more of trying to just make themselves sound better instead of trying to put others down.

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