Hard Core Harry Potter Fans


So I just saw the latest Harry Potter movie (I know I’m kinda late) but frankly Im really sick of the movies because they are all the same. The format and the way the story develops in each movie is so exactly the same. So all you hard core Harry Potter Fans……WHY?????


3 Responses to “Hard Core Harry Potter Fans”

  1. fngrnailtree Says:

    i think the hard core harry potter fans are somewhat disappointed with the movies as well. my girlfriend read the books religiously, and when we watched the movies together she sighed and said the books were better. and i see her point, since films aren’t always true representations of their book counterparts. so when the next movie came out i asked why she wanted to see it, when she knew she would be disappointed. she simply stated she loved visualizing the magic world j.k. created, and would have new images to add to her imagination. my guess is, is that since she has read the books she sees the plot differently, as she can recall certain details that may not be disclosed in the film.

  2. harry potter’s for fairies

  3. I am a closet Harry Potter fan so I can sse both sides. All of the movies are the same, you know what’s going to happen, and it’s all kind of lame.

    But, there is a rich imaginary world that has been created that seems to be boundless as to what new characters can pop up and what new magical possibilities around every corner, see, I’m a total Potter nerd.

    The Potter films have the right mix of stimulating our imagination and doing the work for us to get us involved and amazed. I really didn’t like them until about a year ago, and then somehow they got to the kid in me.

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