Do Short Documentaries have a Chance?

You might have seen Current TV a few years ago. It was a TV channel that was put on satellite that asks viewers to send in documentaries about their own lives. It was an incredibly positive idea, but does it work? Does anyone care enough?

Check out this documentary about the band “Rey Fresco”. It is a band in CA that is not famous and is really just getting started. Does anyone care if they aren’t famous? Can people be genuinely interested in each other’s lives for no other reason than we’re all young and trying to make something of ourselves?


2 Responses to “Do Short Documentaries have a Chance?”

  1. I think that this is Great!!!!!!!! I am an avid current TV watcher. did you know that you can get CURRENT TV on cable I have been watching it for the past two years, they have really come along way. they even had live chats on TV for the presidential and the vice presidential debates. It was awesome. i think that this kind of journalism is great for those who want to have a voice abut dont have the cash to get their video to top label producers.. Go current I am even thinking about doing a pod for current.

  2. I think that is a pretty good idea as well. However, it’s sort of like a more mainstream youtube put on cable with more professional editing. But hey, some random videos on youtube get thousands of hits, therefore I think many people are very much interested in the lives of other people. Seeing the struggles of upcoming bands can be appealing to a variety of viewers, especially those facing the same sort of reality.

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