David Taught Me How to Do This

This is a project that I made after exp. arts with David Goldberg where I used ideas that I was forced to think of in his class.


6 Responses to “David Taught Me How to Do This”

  1. Not sure I truly grasp your concept but visually it was cool. The clouds/smoke in the background reminded me of scenes from the 300 movie.

    The beat was pretty sick too.

  2. lanikaigrl Says:

    amazing. Beautiful. I could just have this movie playing all day on my laptop. Thank you for sharing that with us. David taught us well huh?

  3. Thanks, that’s a wonderful compliment Ianikaigrl. He did teach us well.

  4. I mean lanikai, duh.

  5. That was visually really cool. You are very talented and I totally agree that David is an amazing teacher!!!

  6. alamoluck007 Says:

    lot of kissing ass on this blog…nah nah nah jj… it was a really cool video, I cant believe you made a visually stunnig movie without expensive equipment…

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