In our culture today we have shifted from being entertained by art to being entertained by those who create the art.  Think about it.  When someone becomes famous, we don’t just watch and enjoy the media they create, we begin to watch and enjoy their lives.  They become a character to us.  A lot of them actually create screen names for themselves that they go by in public which is a lot like having a fake name when you play a character in a movie.  The lives of our entertainment stars, how they act, who they interact with others, what they do, is a movie in itself.  A movie that never ends and is always good and entertaining.  I think this shift happened mostly when cinema became a large part of our culture because then we could see our idols and stars on a regular basis.


4 Responses to “Absorbed…”

  1. Hm yeah, there are countless magazines, blogs, talk shows, news shows, etc. just revolving around celebrity gossip. All of these lives do make interesting stories. And if they don’t, that’s no problem, just photoshop a crackpipe in some random celebrity’s hand and we’ve got a front page story. Maybe that’s why people buy into the “reality tv” thing right now. I mean, we’ve been investing in the same sort of concept for decades.

  2. fngrnailtree Says:

    to me, some movie star actors are less of an artist than a painter or a writer. only in the sense that most cinema actors don’t create their own characters, the screen writers do.

    i think the artist i care for are different than the ones you are mentioning. so when one says that we are becoming more and more interested in their life not just their art, i can’t say its really a bad thing. i mean, i do research on my favorite musicians and bands (who create their own music and lyrics) to see who they are and why they think the way they do. its entertaining to know the details of amy sol’s dream that inspired her to create her latest piece, and why she chose the shades she did.

    some take it to the extreme tho, that turns into gossip which seems slightly obsessive to me. if actors/singers/etc put themselves out there and do dumb stuff for attention, that has nothing to do with their art, then they aren’t artist anymore to me, they’re performers and their entire life is the stage. just your average attention whores. the only difference is, is that most of them have a shit ton of money, so the public eye is naturally on them. the fact that people actually buy into it is disappointing.
    is your own life so boring you have to borrow other peoples drama?

  3. I believe that most of this happened at the beginning of the whole Hollywood culture. when Hollywood was found to be the holy grail for actors they begin to treat those that are in the industry like gods. you also see this in the music industry from years ago. i think that in he same instance it is also natural. imagine that you are one of the first person to see a Beatles concert, Elvis, even got to take a snap shot with Marylin Monroe. I am pretty sure that you would want to know a little more of their personality and what made them who they are. so once reality TV sprang up it was all over. now the media could make even more money than ever off of celebrities lives, and others lives also.

  4. Hey who knows. Maybe it began since the beginning of humanity itself. I mean, the cave man that discovered fire. All the other cave men were blown away by this guy and probably huddled around his genius. I’m just kissing.

    Yeah, it probably began with the Hollywood culture and when modern types of media really started flourishing. Mass media via television, magazines, etc. to really bring the stories of the stars into your personal home. A lot of people do seem to buy into this, enough to make it a money-making industry of its own. I guess it really is that these people don’t have enough drama in their own lives. A 9-5 hum drum job. What else is there to do but move along with the pack of sheep?

    What I think is a little over the top is all these reality tv shows about the celebrity’s lives. Like woohoo, we get to watch Jassica Simpson eat a can of tuna or whatever.

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