Last Night’s Party Had Porn!

As college students we all engulf ourselves into a new part of social partying.  While most of us turn 21 in college, there holds great opportunity to find out so much more about ourselves when we get ‘loose’ off the alchy.  In relation to today’s media, the Internet has showcased a handful of social networking sites that have connected the youth together.  We all know about MySpace and Facebook.  They’re old news by now.  Blogging, YouTube, Flickr, 4Chan are also becoming technology of the past.  In this Web 2.0 generation we have seen the evolvement of all this types of websites.  In ways they have worked together to form new PRIVITIZED websites where people showcase their talents and identity.

An example of this is called  Here we see an individual who attends the local parties in various cities and exploits how crazy they can get.  There are different themes such as “Christians Only”, “Criminal” (where every looks like they were from the Fiona Apple music video”, and “Marina” (where everyone looks aquatic and wet).  I honestly think it’s pretty trend setting the way he presents his adventures.  However, it seems like all these parties that he goes to are ethically in bad taste.  People are insanely ripped off the alcohol.  Women are expressing their best features. And SEX SEX SEX.

It’s interesting how he edits everything on the page.  From the videos and photography.

How do you view such type of media?  It’s not porno but its very sexed up in these parties.

Do you consider this website citizen reporting?

Cool?  Not Cool?

This is just a sample of some of the imagery he captures.


One Response to “Last Night’s Party Had Porn!”

  1. These films have a very strange feel to them, like a David Lynch Film or a bad dream or something. It’s definitely provocative. It’s got the death/sex cocktail thing going for it.

    Cool? Not really to me. But I think it is provocative because you get that feeling of glimpsing into a seedy underbelly, like “8 mm” or even “Blade” where everything is a little sexy and dangerous, but ultimately it leaves you feeling dirty and bad about humanity.

    I don’t know if it could be considered citizen reporting because it’s cut like a music video, but it makes you feel that way because it’s video quality and hand held. Very good question.

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