Do you know what that is? Its an electronic bubble wrap toy/simulator…first saw the American commercial for it this morning. I looked it up later to find out that it is actually a Japanese invention. I really dont know what to say, I mean, I know bubble wrap is fun to pop, but this is just silly. Plus, I think this kind of takes some of the fun out of popping bubble wrap. They have also made a new type that includes voices of anime girls.


3 Responses to “WOOOooOOoOoW..”

  1. The little anime kids in the commercial are actually weeping for joy! It makes me marvel at how jaded our culture is by comparison. I certainly would never want to be in a culture that places that kind of value on stupid crap. But it would be nice to take shallow delight in the simple novelties of life more freely without having to worry about looking like a dork. I’d be lying if I said I never popped bubble wrap recreationally, but I don’t think I would want to pay money for the experience.

  2. WOOOooOOoOoW is right! This is so weird! It is the actual feeling of the bubble disappearing underneath your finger as you hear the pop that brings so much satisfaction. I think there is an Iphone app like this. At least with that one they show you a little pop before the bubble reappears. And that one is pushing it in total weirdness. This one, just completely weird.

  3. i am amazed how everything in today’s world in electronic! This is crazy! i think this would be a complete waste of money, some thing you buy just for the hell of it. but their is no way you could push those buttons for hours!

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