Womens Weight

Why do thousands of women (and a few men) think that being super skinny is attractive? Most men do not want a 90 lb girl with no curves at all. Curvey bodies are way more fun to look at. So how can we fix the problem. Media and other things have such a great impact on young girls and boys. they see these toys and then the celebrities and they want to look just like them but its not realistic.


3 Responses to “Womens Weight”

  1. I think that was a great subject to touch on. This crap is more than ridiculous these poor people an their withering bodies. They look horrible and being a man myself i don’t understand this its ugly. give me my meat on a women. PLEASE.

  2. alamoluck007 Says:

    its just an obbsesion people get. I have guy friends that have the same problem. No they dont obses about being skinny, rather they obses about getting bigger, and stronger. They end up spending more time in the gym then they do on their relationships, and when their relationships break, they say to themselves (literally told me this) “i need to get bigger!” Their girlfriends tell me all they care about is how they look, and ask them questions like “is that guy bigger than me? does this shirt look to tight?” Sure its a lott healthier than being anorexic, but it’s damaging to their relationships because like you said the media brainwashes us that that’s what girls and guys want. It is what we want, i want a skinny girl, and girls want a buff guy, but these people who go crazy with it are just ruinning these images for us

  3. It’s interesting that skinniness is symbolic of being a weakling, and that skinniness is seen as attractive in women. Does that mean that weakness is attractive in women?

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