In the US, football is a vastly more popular sport than soccer. I was debating the fact that football’s complications is what keeps other countries from getting into the sport. Basketball, and baseball has translated to other countries, and is completely marketable. We can not forget sports factors to be a huge identity of a countries sport. The media covers all sports and even dedicates channels solely to the idea that athletic competition is marketable. While soccer is hands down the most marketable sport worldwide for the media, American football is the most popular in only the US. Only one other country has their own version of the pro sport football, and that country’s (Canada) favorite sport is hockey. So why is football only work in the US? And is is better than soccer? This commentary by Colin Cowherd explains EVERYTHING! 


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL vs. SOCCER”

  1. I think that football hasn’t caught on in other countries for a number of reasons:

    1. People love the sports they grew up playing, there’s no equivalent to american high school football in any other country.
    2. Football isn’t a cheap sport.
    3. Soccer (football) is widely popular for its constant game play without stoppage like american football.

  2. And the other thing I was gonna say was that football is a complicated sport in the sense that there are many rules that even i don’t know. I’ve been watching football for many many years now, and I just learned a new rule when I was watching the colts game a few weeks ago. Soccer is simple… get the ball in the goal. Football has holding, tuck rule, challenges, clipping, etc.

  3. alamoluck007 Says:

    hahahaha r u just repeating what you saw on that video i posted? lol

  4. Well American football is a pass time, our fathers grew up watching it and so did we. So we are use and conditioned to it. But soccer know world wide is the most popular because of its basic rules and the inexpensiveness to play, all you need is a soccer ball and field with American football there is a need for the ball and pads and those are not cheap and the rules are not that easy to follow and pick up quickly.

  5. alamoluck007 Says:

    ???????????? are you guys messin with me? or did u guys not watch the video i posted up?

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