dogs can walk

Why do humans think dogs need strollers? It really bothers me to see these puppys or full grown dogs with their owners but they are in a stroller or a bag. Dogs need their work out just as humans do and expecially puppys. If they dont get some play in their day they will have so much pent up energy. I feel for these dogs. I would hate my master if i couldnt walk around.

I feel like the dogs in this video are trying to get out the whole time …
also it says protection for your small dog. Protection from what exactly? if your walking your dog i think you can protect them if anything should happen…
aw these poor dogs


One Response to “dogs can walk”

  1. Did anyone see the Sarah Silverman where she marries her dog, Doug? At one point she says, “I love you Doug, although it might only be because you don’t have the ability to judge me.”

    Nothing gets me madder than dongs being objectified as humans, I mean dogs. . . Freudian slip.

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