Disneys a perve

Why is it that in the older Disney movies there is always something sexual in each movie. such as lion kin, little mermaid, Aladin, and others as well? Was disney secretly trying to tell children something or was it for aa good laugh? Its pretty funny to me now and i never even notcied these things when i was young but how did my parents not? or maybe they just never watched the movies…


5 Responses to “Disneys a perve”

  1. fngrnailtree Says:

    there was a rumor i heard when i was maybe a freshman in high school that the disney animators were gay (literally, not insultingly) and were mad about something. although i can’t remember what exactly. nor what being gay has to do with it. perhaps its just a detail i remembered.

  2. Disney, himself didn’t want those in the films. The reason they’re there is that working conditions in Disney’s animation studios had been so bad with poor ammenities and long grueling hours to meet crazy deadlines that the animators started calling the place “Mouschwitz”. Unhappy animators started slipping little subversively sexual clips into the movies as a sort of revenge. So now the priest in The Little Mermaid will forever be sporting that wood.

  3. those are some funny clips i don’t know if in actuality they are meant to really be some sort of sexual meanings. I mean people see the face af Jesus in cheese sometimes people see what they want to see. but if not those Disney people have some major issues.

  4. alamoluck007 Says:

    wow these clips are extremly vauge. I mean as someone who draws (not verry well) I know what its like to draw something and not notice what you drew could look wrong untill someone points it out. Like the preist with a boner, I would love to see the whole clip because it could be wind blowing his clothes, and “sex”… how the hell could u see that? I think people who live with their parents at the age of 35 need to stop closely examining these movies and get a fuckin life, job, and a boy/girlfriend…

  5. Could it be that the big boss at Disney knows about this perverted stuff? Is it possible that the sexuality in Disney’s films is what helps cause their massive success?

    I think besides the hidden stuff, there is overt sexuality in all of the classic films. Think of Arial in “The Little Mermaid” with shell clad breasts and cleavage. These films aren’t pretending to be innocent. They are right out there saying sex sells, even to children.

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