Creativity in what you see, not what you get…

A lot of people think that there is a huge lack of good story telling in movies today.  Yes, it is true that we seem to see the same story over and over or movies that are just based on books.  But a story is a story.  They have been written the same way for years past and will probably continue to be written the same way for years to come.


I think that an aspect of true creativity in movies is not in the story necessarily, but in the visual art.  Cinema is a young art form that is still developing.  Good stories, even creative stories will be produced, but the true development of creativity is coming in the way the stories are presented.  The quality of the pictures.  The special effects.  The sound.  The colors.  There has been an explosion in the quality in production since cinema began.


Here are some examples of how the basic ideas for stories really haven’t changed over time.  The first is a clip from a movie called “I was a Male War Bride” starring Carry Grant.  This clip really doesn’t give a good idea of what the movie is about, but it was the only one I could find.  In the movie the female (an officer in the American army) and Carry Grant (an officer in the French army) are forced to work together on a mission during World War 2.  They really don’t like each other and fight a lot, but they end up falling in love and getting married.


The second clip is from “What Happens in Vegas.”  In this movie the male and female get married while drunk and wake up wanting a divorce.  They have to stay married for 6 months and in the beginning hate each other.  By the end, they are in love.


The same idea.  Man and woman don’t like each other.  Forced to be together.  Fall in love.




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