Axe Commercials taking it to far?

When watching a show on tv you are bound to end up watching countless commercials. One company that is using sex to sell their product is Axe. What is being advertised on television can be considered boarder line porn. I think with these advertisements it is giving a males the false hope of attacting women by just the smell of a body spray. I can say it does a pretty good job grabbing the attention of men that may be watching by showing off the female body. They captavative the viewers by showing they women with very little clothes, this is how they can keep them watching until they can show the product at the end. They also seem to show events that men only dream about such as women running after you in slow motion or even fight over you. This shows how common and how much they are able to show on television in today’s world. It is easy to believe in the near future they will have porn as the commerical. Here are some of the axe commercial i found on youtube. They call this the “Axe Effect”


One Response to “Axe Commercials taking it to far?”

  1. I agree that these images of women crawling over eachother and acting like animals is not good, not good at all. But would censorship help? Or is the problem that these images are so appealing to people in the first place? What is going on in our minds that makes us excited by seeing women degraded and animal-like? Is it necessarily something we have control over?

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