Who feels like this?

I just saw this commercial tonight and thought, “Wow, it totally feels like we do that in today’s culture…”  We try to copy what we think is popular or in style.  The funny thing is, when someone is original and looks good, everyone starts copying them.  Do you think it is even possible not to be like this in our society?


2 Responses to “Who feels like this?”

  1. fngrnailtree Says:

    i think the word here is “acceptance”. everyone strives for it. conformity seems to be the easiest way- or if not easiest, then most ideal. but even those breaking against the mold are conforming to the movement of non-conformity. the “monkey see, monkey do” complex, especially in americans, is the idea that “wow, that works for them, maybe it will work for me”, with no effort to be original since a sure way to acceptance is already established. the basic mentality is: why should i do more work and chance being wrong?
    the few true individuals who dress/talk/think/etc. how they want, when they want, despite the “in fashion”, are the very individuals you make fun of. there are original people in our society, who dont get copied because there style is purely wacky on a social standard. they do not dress to the mood or whim of society. (if society were a woman, she’d be bipolar.) nor do they dress to oppose society. society plays NO factor. that is key. when people, and there are people like this, who truly don’t care about what other people think, then they can really let go, and be original.

    so individual people exist. but on a whole, in the masses?- then no, i don’t think our society can be original- not as long as people are materialistic, insecure, and lazy.

  2. Whenever you focus on appearance as a means to either fit in or rebel, you are taking an active step towards commodifying yourself. Fashion is next to meaningless unless you make your own clothes. That’s the big scheme and almost everybody falls for it. The funny part is that people who try the hardest to rebel are the ones who get the most caught up in fashion.

    My answer: wear whatever’s cheap, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to you. If you don’t want to look boring, open your mouth and say something. Become an artist. Write a song. Do that thing in bed that your girlfriend likes, that only you have ever thought to do to her before. Meditate. If a cockroach dies in your bathroom, make a little paper tombstone for it and leave it there for your roommates to find. Write a letter to the editor in iambic pentameter about how there’s too much Shakespeare in public schools. Read a book. Give a flower to the oldest lady working behind the Taco Bell counter. If you love something, let it show. If you hate something, learn more about it. Take pictures of tourists. Make a garden. Talk to homeless people. Experiment with sobriety, but always in moderation. Lie to children. Pray naked. Care about something.

    There are a million ways to show the world who you really are. Why settle for just changing the way you look?

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