Stealing Music

I think he has a good point about music and online downloading.  This is Ghostface Killah from the Wu Tang Clan talking about stealing music and what it does to artists.  This goes for all types of music styles, how do you think the music industry will change in the future seeing what is already happening?


2 Responses to “Stealing Music”

  1. I think that people that make music for a living are going to have to find another way to make thier money because there isnt really a way to stop people from getting their music for free.

  2. fngrnailtree Says:

    WU TANG!!! (who wouldn’t buy their album, common.) if i like the artist, or the group, ima buy their album. simple as that. i like cd’s. i like supporting them. if i only like one or two songs, im not going to buy the cd. i’ll just download the couple songs. but thats just me.

    im not sure how the music industry could change. downloading music isn’t exactly in their control. i suppose requests from artists is the first step.

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