I came across this article in an Australian newspaper talking about an ad about drug abuse. Many people have deemed the advertisements to be too graphic. Here is one image, what do you think?ice


9 Responses to “Realism.”

  1. I don’t really think it’s too graphic. Is that a real ice addict? Or is that make up? Well regardless, people should see the gruesome reality of these sort of drugs so that they’ll be less tempted to get involved with them. I think it’s a good tactic to use a pained expression and wounds, because nobody really likes pain and scars. Well, some people get off on it, but majority don’t.

  2. Its not too graphic. Why do people want to glorify and beautify something ugly. People need to see the real truth and real effects of doing these type of things. That is the only way to stop people from doing it.

  3. Um..not graphic at all. I think if she was convulsing on the ground with saliva and blood coming out, that would be considered too explicit. Oh and if it said “actual photo”.

  4. it’s not to graphic at all. It’s good to see the actuality in advertising. The scare tactic will hopefully work and convice some to stay away from drugs because this is what can happen to you. I mean this lady looks wasted, and this is probably her good day. I don’t know, i think you could even take it a little bit further.

  5. fngrnailtree Says:

    too graphic? no. not sure how effective scare tactics are, but realism is always nice. i suppose it is more eye catching than say, just words.
    although, people who are sheltered and/or feel like this is too graphic, probably weren’t at risk for succumbing to crystal meth anyway.
    it could be a little more graphic, or at least a little more insightful.

  6. It’s interesting how people are outrage when they see things that makes them uneasy. I think those people just don’t want to face reality. I don’t find the image too graphic at all but it did received a lot of strong opposition in Australia.

  7. That’s really odd. Maybe Australia’s culture is somewhat different from America’s, making them more sensitive to facial and arm scabs that were inflicted during ice use. Maybe we’re just so used to seeing this kind of thing in video games, media, etc. that we kind of think it’s just nothing. It probably wouldn’t have any impact at all if those ads were posted on our streets. But I don’t know, I just don’t know how to explain Australia’s severe opposition to this.

  8. I think the more graphic the advertisement the better. If its not scary or disgusting how will it turn people away from using ice? I think people need to see the true effects of the drug in its most horrific form. Maybe then they will be shocked to their sense. This whole D.A.R.E, dance around the problem and make it fun, isn’t the answer.

  9. I don’t think this is too graphic either. I do believe though sometimes you might have to be grpahic to get a point across. Sometimes that will be the only thing that people will be able to pay attention to because it is the only thing that will catch there eye.

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