RE: Life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold.

I was looking into bands that have changed as of late and It got me thinking. Is there a difference between “selling out” and just changing your sound? To me, selling out means changing your music to meet demands of the majority to increase record sales. However, I don’t know the bands statistics as far as sales so I’m not even going to go there. These following videos are of bands that have a distinct change in their sound, did they sell out? You decide. And if anyone has any stats or other interesting info feel free to share it. The order of the videos is from original sound to the changed sound. 

the above video is Korns freak on a leash. It wont let me link it for some reason, but if you are interested you can look it up. 

and there is much much more. However, I don’t want to flood the website with youtube videos. I think this is enough to get the ball rolling. As a side note, I am not saying that the new sound is bad, I own both. But, I just thought it would be interesting to discuss what others think.


4 Responses to “RE: Life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold.”

  1. Hah! I definitely feel you on the Atmosphere title. Did he sell out? I don’t think so. I feel that when you start off in the music industry you have something to prove to yourself. I don’t think audiences realize that PEOPLE CHANGE. How can someone live the same for the rest of their lives. Musicians grow up just like the all of us. One thing that I feel all musicians have in common is that they don’t want to be complacent to the same old things in life. Its natural for people to change perspectives and gain new insights because of new experiences!

  2. I guess there is a difference between progressing as an artist and just changing to match the times. I think that once you’re famous there is a lot of pressure to stay marketable.

    To me when The Used came out, even when though they were pop, they had an extra bit of grit and creativity. This new stuff sounds more produced, less raw. Bands are people too, and they get scared of not being accepted so they stop being themselves.

    Also, the video of “The Bird and the Worm” looks a lot like a Christina Aguilera video that came out 5 years ago by Floria Sigismondi. It’s easier to do what is tried and true than chance it with something different. But not taking risks stunts any artist’s development.

  3. I agree. The way that they are going to make more money is by doing something new that nobody has ever seen before. They are real human beings not robots they grow and change.

  4. i have to agree with both comments before me, i feel that as time goes by people change and their music changes with them, it is a way the bands progresses and grows. This is not saying this is the case with all bands, many times the money can be an issue. Some believe it that’s what the people want, lets give it to them. So they end up following what others want and forget what they believe in.

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