Is Andy Kauffman the Greatest Feminist that Ever Lived?

Watch all 2 minutes of this video, it’s worth it.

Andy Kaufman wrestles a 6-foot woman to the ground and continues to do shocking things to her once she is pinned.

Andy Kaufman was a tv star, a comedian, a pro-wrestler in a female division, and a transcendental meditation enthusiast. His career, his persona, and his death continue to be a matter of intrigue and mystery to the entertainment industry.

While he appears to be abusing and degrading the larger than average woman in this video, is he being an ass, or is he making a profound point in a totally insane way?

By using his Hollywood persona and making himself the object of ridicule, he is illuminating the crappiness of celebrity attitude and an elitist sexist mind-set in general.  Stunts like the one in the video ultimately ruined his career and he lived in infamy for the remainder of his life.

The fact that he studied and practiced transcendental meditation also leads me to believe there was something deeper to his seemingly compulsive and reckless behavior.  Perhaps he was trying to reflect something about our society that we needed to see and using himself and his fame as a martyr for that cause.

If nothing else, it’s a brilliant pro-wrestiling persona.  Who easier to hate than a famous, sexist, elitist sissy from Hollywood?  Pure genius.


3 Responses to “Is Andy Kauffman the Greatest Feminist that Ever Lived?”

  1. Well, if he was really trying to make a profound point in a totally insane way…then I guess it’s alright. But if he’s just doing that because he thought it’d be a funny gesture to wrestle an overweight average woman, then that’s completely uncool. But I can see how exploiting such heinous acts can lead to generating emotion, thus causing change. That looked rather painful though. I mean, he was whipping her head up and down quite rapidly.

  2. Wow I totally came off of that offended. For the time period that this had been made, it must have been an extremely controversial matter. When I took at look at what he was doing I believed it was real. I saw a woman get her face pounded to the floor and her back get stomped.

    I have heard of Andy Kaufman’s reputation as being someone who was never really understood because he joked all the time about everything. So is this considered art? No. No way in my mind would I consider this a political statement or any other form of proving a point.

    This is a false representation that can occur in the media and things such as this should be filtered out.

  3. Well we all know wrestling is rehearsed and choreographed and this beef between the king and Kaufman was just a joke to get more attention on wrestling and to raise the popularity of the king by having him beat up on this scrawny punk who thinks he the man because he beats up on women.

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