Re: Are Tattoo’s in Fashion?(easy mission)

I believe tribal tattoos are becoming more and more popular simply because people like the way they look with a tribal tattoo. 


4 Responses to “Re: Are Tattoo’s in Fashion?(easy mission)”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Nicely shown. good job dude !

  2. No. Tribal tattoos are supposed to be a cultural thing not for visual pleasure. its supposed to be a deeper more spiritual thing.

  3. relax. all im saying is that many people get tribal tattoos because they like how it looks. i didnt say that its cool to ignore the cultural and spiritual meanings behind them. but i do think everyone is entitled to whatever tattoo they want. theyll just look like dumbasses when people ask them about their tattoo.

  4. I think it is kinda disrespectful to do that just because it looks good.

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