Mike Tyson quotes

Here is a compilation of interviews with Mike Tyson. He says some of the most ridiculous things ever.


4 Responses to “Mike Tyson quotes”

  1. starrycloud9 Says:

    Why is this here? I am being genuine when I ask that. There’s little context for what this is suppose to address. Other than it being a funny video. What is this supposed to prompt discussion about? Respectfully.

  2. japaneseperson Says:

    i just thought id share an online video with you. i enjoyed it and i thought others might too. thats all.

  3. hey don’t let that other person starrycloud9 talk to you like that, anyway if you think about it this shows just how messed up some people can be. I don’t know if i could consider it funny. but who do you know that actually feels those types of words in their heart. DONT TALK BECAUSE I HAVE NOT FORNICATED WITH YOU,TO A WOMAN REPORTER, that’s harsh. DEMONS are in this guy. i bet if tyson looked at starrycloud9 funny he or she would cry. my question is how do you tame such a wild person.

  4. Wasn’t tyson charged with assault with a deadly weapon (his fists) when he punched out a guy asking for an autograph. Gotta suck to get charged, but when the court refers to your hand as a deadly weapon its gotta be kinda worth it.. haha

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