Get high or watch this video

Hey everybody, check out this video. It requires you to stare at it for about a minute but its totally worth it. Its like an optical illusion that repeats until your eyes adjust to it so when you look away you trip. so check it out, I promise nothing will pop out and scare you.

p.s. it would also be good to full screen it.


6 Responses to “Get high or watch this video”

  1. Wow! After I looked away from the screen, my eyes were tricked! Thanks for the good weird experience.

  2. thanks! that was really fun to do. it made me think about binaural beats

  3. ow my eyes hurt but that was really cool.
    everything seemed to like move in a wave or something.
    This reminded me of the Jesus picture that was really popular back in the day:
    it was like, you stare at this fuzzy picture of a man,
    and then you look at a white wall and you would see jesus.
    Have you tried that?

  4. fngrnailtree Says:

    very cool. (but why not both? (in reference to the title))
    in psychology we learn about the opponent process theory, in which the colors red and green, blue and yellow, & black and white, are received separately. this means that red and green can never mix. blue and yellow are not seen together. there is no redish-green color nor bluish-yellow. if one stares at an image of the united states flag that has the inverse colors of green, yellow, and black, then looks at a plain white paper, one will see the afterimage of american flag in its proper colors.
    now i know this didnt have to do with color.. but i wonder how it works. is it because our eyes are constantly trying to focus, and are still trying to focus even after the exercise is done? is it the equivalent of an afterimage for color?

    very cool. thanks for sharing!

  5. whoa, that was trippy! The walls were like rippling. Very cool. I’ve got to be honest, I almost closed it because I thought something scary was going t pop up haha.

  6. Wow!
    That was pretty cool! Everything started rippling.
    I only thought something would pop out just because you mentioned it.

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