Bible History Lesson

Damn the Bible is messed up.


5 Responses to “Bible History Lesson”

  1. thanks for the lesson. i hope to have a teacher like that one day he seems nice.

  2. This is a magnificent find! Really impressed with how the author captured the very eccence of the bible whether it was intentional or unintentional in my opinion.

    This obviously is a hiliarious spoof of the bible whether the author dramatizes certain events in this story, like how they loved to ***k, how the wife looked back at the burning town for half a second and became a tower of salt.

    What makes this video works for me is that it incorporates different teaching in the bible such as having full faith, not f***ing around with everybody, etc.

    This video on top of that succeeded in the aspect of creating a cinema even if it was skipping frames. Why is that?
    Possibly because of our standard tolerence level on rate of frames per second that we talked about in class.
    Very interesting how this video succeeds in bringing the ideas together. Nice posting!

  3. Ha!!! I love it! This is wonderful. I love any opportunity to challenge individuals to think outside of themselves. Excellent find 🙂

  4. This was great that is exactly what happened in the story. but in simpleterms. If people were taught like this people could understand a bit more.

  5. I agree that was really cool and interesting to watch. He was also really simple to understand as well.

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